Stem Cell Therapy

Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital in Clemmons proudly offers Vet Stem Cell Therapy to our patients. Stem Cell Therapy is a treatment for arthritis, tendon and ligament injuries, muscle injuries and more.

What are stem cells?

A stem cell is a “blank” cell – meaning it can develop into any different type of cell. Like a skin or muscle cell for example. When your pet comes in for a surgical procedure, such as spay/neuter, dental cleaning, or other treatment that requires anesthesia, we will collect a small sample of fat. Then we will ship that sample to Vet-Stem, who will process the fat to concentrate the stem cells. Then, when your pet is ready, we will inject the stem cells in the appropriate area. Stem cells are capable of reducing pain and inflammation, restoring a pet’s quality of life and range of motion, and regenerating tendons, ligaments and joint tissues.

Don’t wait until your dog needs help, store their stem cells now while they’re young and healthy. Then we can order from the banked cells when your pet is in need. Only one fat collection provides your dog with enough stem cells for a lifetime of stem cell therapy.


One of the major diseases treated with stem cell therapy is Osteoarthritis. And it can affect dogs as young as one year. Of the younger dogs (one – four years old), 56% suffered from severe arthritis and 84% saw an improvement in their quality of life with stem cell treatments. Of course, it still increases with age as 76% of older dogs (nine – 18 years old) suffered from severe arthritis and 81% saw an improvement in their quality of life after treatment.

90 days after Stem Cell therapy, owners recorded their results
Osteoarthritis and the Older Dog
(Dog Age Range = 9-18 years)
showed an improved quality of life
were not re-treated in the first year
of older dogs treated suffered from severe arthristis
of owners would recommend Vet-Stem Cell therapy
Is your pet currently on pain medication to make his/her condition more bearable?

Ditch the meds with Stem Cell Therapy.

Vet-Stem performed a study of dogs on pain medication when starting the stem cell therapy process. At both 90 and 246 days after beginning the stem cell treatment, 33% of the dogs discontinued the use of the medication completely. While it didn’t eliminate the medication for all the dogs in the study, another 28% became less dependent on it.

Give your furry family member the chance to live medication free and allow their own body’s processes to improve their quality of life. Medication will help your pet make it through the day and reduce symptoms of their ailments, but stem cell therapy fixes the problem at the root.

Stem Cell Therapy does require preparation – so don’t wait! Keep your dog happy for years to come by preparing for the possibilities. Let us collect fat from your pet now, and we will always be ready to improve your pet’s quality of life with stem cell therapy when they need it the most.

Change in NSAID Usage in Dogs
Treated with Stem Cells for Osteoarthritis

 Do you think Stem Cell Therapy would help your pet?

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