Routine & Preventative Care

Help your pet live a longer, fuller life.

As a new member of our family, we would like to say thank you for making us your choice for veterinary care. Our staff will embrace your pet as one of our own as we strive to meet and exceed your expectations. Our team focuses on providing comprehensive care for your pets and also making their owner’s lives easier. We provide top notch veterinary care in order to create a long and healthy life for all your family’s pets. We will see your pets from newborns through their senior years and at each stage help make recommendations to assure the longest and best quality of life.

We stock most medications to treat both acute and chronic illnesses, can compound the medicine into almost any flavor for those finicky patients – and happily provide free shipping. Just another way Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital strives to keep your pet both healthy and happy.

These are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure your pet’s medication is in stock and available when you need it.

Special order prescriptions are not always carried in stock.

Prescriptions can be phoned in or requested through email, text or your pet portal.

Please call 24 hours in advance to assure your prescription is ready for pickup.

We competitively price both prescription and over-the-counter products backed by the product manufacturer for quality and authenticity.

Please be aware that North Carolina Veterinary Laws require a patient / doctor relationship and current physical exam yearly for prescription medications to be dispensed or prescribed. This applies to heartworm preventatives and long-term or lifelong medications.

We also stock over-the-counter products and supplements available to every client.

+ Non-prescription flea products

Kong toys – for your heavy chewers

Low fat and hypoallergenic treats

Pill pockets to help ease the difficulty administering oral medications

Furminator de-shedding combs

Shampoos and leave on conditioners

Lupine collars, leashes

And much more

Proper nutrition for your pet is a top priority to us.

Prescription foods can be a vital part of keeping your pet healthy. Many health problems require these specialty diets as part of a long-term treatment plan. Pets facing chronic vomiting or diarrhea, food allergies, kidney and heart disease, liver disease, urinary issues, or obesity can all receive benefits provided by prescription diets. Be sure to speak to your veterinarian about proper nutrition during your pet’s wellness exam.

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What’s in a wellness exam?

During your pet’s routine exam, you will have the opportunity to ask questions or discuss any topic that is specific to your pet’s needs.

The five components to a proper wellness exam are:

1.  Thorough physical exam

2. Updating necessary vaccines

3. Wellness Lab Tests (includes heartworm, intestinal parasite, and blood screenings)

4. Flea, Tick, & Heartworm Preventative

5. Discussions on Proper Nutrition and any recommendations about preventative care.

Our additional services include but are not limited to the following:

Have you noticed your pet constantly licking, biting, chewing, scratching or even shaking his/her head? Have you noticed a change in your pet’s coat, maybe in color, texture or even from hair loss, scabs, or dandruff? Your pet may have a skin disorder and we can help ease your pet’s discomfort. At Animal Ark we take dermatology very seriously. We provide a comprehensive approach to allergy and skin disease from hypoallergenic diets, allergy testing, and immunotherapy to leading edge Monoclonal Antibody therapy to target the precursors to itching. We can diagnose and treat the most challenging skin problems effectively and safely.

We offer Junior and Senior Wellness Bloodwork profiles to help discover any hidden problems. Our Doctors will explain all the results, answer any questions you have and make recommendations to help your pet. If you want to dig a little deeper yourself, these Guides will help make it easy!

Junior Wellness Bloodwork
Senior Wellness Bloodwork
Bloodwork Made Easy Guide

In critical situations, many diseases can be found by using our in-house laboratory testing equipment. Comprehensive blood work, urine and fecal testing that would regularly be sent off-site can be completed on the spot for same-day diagnosis of your pet’s ailment, allowing us to provide treatment both quickly and effectively.

Ultrasound is an excellent tool in aiding a faster diagnosis and developing treatment plans for your pet. This service also allows us to perform echocardiograms, which make it easy to diagnose patients experiencing heart disease, irregular heart rhythms and heart murmurs.


We offer the latest in digital radiology, enabling us to x-ray your pet using low radiation levels and adjust images for better viewing. Also, if needed, we can send the digital images to Board Certified Radiologists for expedited consultations.


Having a CT Scanner here on site at the Ark makes it much easier on our clients and patients.

What can the CT Scanner be used to help diagnose?

-Brain/spinal tumors

-Nerve sheath tumors

-Other nervous system evaluations

-Kidney and liver issues

-Heart issues

-Genetic conditions

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Companion Laser Therapy is a surgery free, drug free, non-invasive treatment option that helps reduce pain and inflammation while increasing the speed of healing. Laser Therapy is a revolutionary new approach to Veterinary medicine.

Common Treatments For Companion Laser Therapy Include:

  • Post-surgery Pain
  • Skin Infections And Hot Spots
  • Dental Procedures (gums)
  • Any Lesion, Abrasion, Or Bite Wound
  • Arthritis and Joint Pain

Does your pet have chronic issues with its ears or nose? If so, then you may want to schedule an appointment to have your pet “scoped.” Yes, we know that sounds weird, but it is a very simple procedure that can be done in-house that allows us to see deep into these canals and view what otherwise would have remained undetected. Using the Vet-scope can also aid in flushing out wax and debris that accumulates over time in the nose and ears.

Lost pets happen far too often and we want to give your pet every opportunity to return home safely. Home-Again microchipping is the solution. These tiny microchips are placed safely beneath the skin between the shoulder blades. A unique identification number allows any facility that scans your pet the ability to use a worldwide database which stores your contact information. The chip allows your pet to be reunited with you as soon as possible.

We are happy to offer boarding for all feline and exotic pets. While staying with us, your pets will receive the same love and attention as they would in their own home. Felines will stay in their own “kitty condo,” allowing them to pass freely from one side to another.

Exotic pets will be kept in a separate area and we do ask you to please provide your own cages to keep them in. Most do better in their own environment and it will make their stay with us feel more like home. Both rooms feature large windows with natural lighting. Spaces are very limited, so book your stay with us in advance if possible.

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