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What’s that smell?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Would you kiss your mother with that mouth?? Bad breath is not normal in dogs and cats and is actually a sign that something is not right. The consequences of poor dental hygiene are more than just loose or damaged teeth and do affect your pet’s major organ systems.

With that being said - what can you do to prevent severe dental disease in your pet or treat what’s already there?

At Animal Ark we offer both a range of prophylactic products and state of the art dental equipment so that we can be sure that your furry family member is getting the best care possible. If your pet is young or has just had a dental procedure you can start them on additives like Perio Support (an enzymatic powder) or CET dental chews to help strip any extra tartar from their teeth. You can also start brushing their teeth with a dog safe toothbrush and CET toothpaste.

Are you seeing tartar like this? If your pet’s teeth look like this (or worse) it’s probably time to schedule a full dental cleaning. Our Doctors and dental technicians are all specially trained to evaluate and clean your pet’s teeth. At Animal Ark, we do intubate and use full anesthetic protocol for all pet’s getting a dental procedure. Sedation for a full dental is very important to prevent aspiration pneumonia and allows us to map every tooth and take full dental radiographs to identify any bone loss, abscessed or broken teeth. This also allows us to safely perform any necessary extractions of severely diseased or damaged teeth.

Unsure if your pet’s teeth are dirty enough to need a full dental cleaning?

Come in for a Complementary Dental Screening with one of our skilled technicians! In this screening we are able to get a full look at your pet’s mouth and recommend products that can help keep their teeth healthy. If they do need a dental procedure, our tech team can provide you with an estimate on the spot and get your furkid scheduled.

And the best part? If you schedule your pet’s dental cleaning within 30 days of the dental screening you get a $25 off coupon! And don’t worry, if you need to reschedule the dental for any reason this coupon can be moved with it.

We look forward to seeing you and your pets soon!

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